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Welcome to the Agentia SMA where we believe in:

• Thinking differently
• Challenging outdated investment models
• Developing new and innovative product solutions
• Promoting efficiency and reducing costs

Our products are easy to use, engage the user and enhance the investment experience.

AFS Licensees

If you provide model portfolios for your advisers, have you considered converting them to a Multi Manager to reduce risk as well as administration time and costs? We can show you how.

Take a look at our new Multi Manager Investment Options

We have developed 11 new Agentia Multi Manager Investment options. There is an option to suit every investors risk appetite whether they are accumulating wealth or drawing a pension in their retirement.

Alliance Partners

At Agentia we have formed alliances with some of the most innovative IT and investment providers in the market place. Together we are developing investment solutions to meet the needs of the modern investor.


Praemium is a market-leading technology company providing investment platforms, portfolio administration and CRM solutions with offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey and Hong Kong. The Agentia Platform operates on Praemium’s SMA technology which was launched in 2005.


Agentia Multi-Manager Models use InvestSense research and analysis. InvestSense is a specialist in portfolio construction, providing an informed, forward looking view of risk and returns from different asset classes, funds and securities. The firm improves investment outcomes for their clients by providing a robust and transparent valuation based investment framework, clearly communicated collateral and state of the art portfolio monitoring. Ultimately InvestSense aims to help advisors empower their clients to make better long term investment decisions.

If you would like to know more about how the Agentia Product Range could benefit you, contact us.

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