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Agentia’s SMA platform is a Managed Investment Scheme regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

SMA Features

Choice of investment options

The Agentia platform gives you access to more than 170 investment options covering
• Australian listed securities
• International securities
• Listed property
• Hybrid securities
• Fixed interest/bonds
• Commodities
• Diversified and Multi-Manager Portfolios
• Cash.

Blended Portfolios & Multi-Manager options

You can construct efficient and cost effective portfolios using a range of actively managed investment models and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or simply select from our range of
12 Multi-Manager Portfolios that are designed to meet the individual needs of investors.


All Agentia investment options invest in securities that are listed and trade on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Professional Investment Management

The Agentia SMA offers you all the benefits of direct investing in the share market with the additional advantage of having your portfolio professionally managed.

Beneficial Ownership

You are the beneficial owner of the underlying securities that make up your portfolio. You do not own units in a unit trust structure such as a managed fund.

In Specie Contributions or Withdrawals

Investments and withdrawals can be made in cash or by way of transfer of CHESS eligible Australian securities to or from the investor. PLEASE NOTE: As you continue to be the beneficial owner of the security or securities, the in specie contribution is not a capital gains tax event. The same will apply to any in specie withdrawal, provided you continue to hold the security in your own name.

Efficiency & Cost

Our system operation works to minimize your brokerage costs. All securities/shares on our system are grouped to behave like a single portfolio. At the end of each day our system will review the latest model portfolio positions submitted by our model managers, then work out the most cost and tax effective means to adjust the portfolios to their new positions. Our system will net out all prospective trades across all portfolios, that is, all prospective purchases and sales are matched against each other before trading. Only net trades are executed. Any trades that are made on market are executed at wholesale rates of 0.055% per trade.

Online Reporting 24/7

reportssmallYou can view the underlying securities that make up your portfolio via our online reporting system which is available 24/7.

See daily performance and portfolio valuations, including
• Dividend distributions and franking credits
• Realised and unrealised capital gains
• Corporate Actions
• All purchases and sales of securities
• All brokerage costs
• Asset Allocation
• Portfolio yield

Management of Corporate Actions

As the Responsible Entity for Agentia, Praemium will receive communications relating to corporate actions affecting securities held in your account and will manage these for you.

Portfolio Customisations

Agentia allows you to tailor your portfolio in the following ways:

Stock Substitutions – you can substitute individual securities with another ASX listed security or with cash.

Minimum trade size – you may determine a minimum trade size. This means that securities in the portfolio will only be traded if the trade is of the specified minimum trade size. This will save on transaction costs.

Minimum holding lock facility – Where you have transferred an existing security holding into your Agentia account you can choose to lock in part or all of your holdings of that security. When rebalancing your portfolio in accordance with your chosen model portfolio, Praemium will ensure that, for the nominated stock in the holding lock facility, the holding is maintained at or above your required level. You can use this facility to manage potential capital gains tax liabilities.

Individual Tax Packaging

Each investor is able to optimise their tax parcels and unlike many other managed investment schemes, the investor cannot inherit capital gains as a result of trades associated with other investors.

Tax Reporting

Tax reports are available online at any time to assist you with your tax planning or in the preparation of your tax return. (Note – portfolios that contain Listed Property Trusts (LPTs) and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) may not contain all tax component breakdowns. These type of listed securities are listed trusts and as such they generally do not finalise their overall tax position until after the end of a financial year. Praemium will advise when the tax information for these securities is up to date so you know when you can lodge your tax return.

Automation of Tax Parcel Accounting

The Agentia SMA can link to accounting systems at a tax parcel level, there is negligible additional investment required by the adviser, accountant or investor in terms of time or expense. The reports can be provided in a few minutes for any date range.

Quick Comparison SMA, Managed Funds, Direct Shares

SMA Managed Funds Direct Shares
Tax efficient X
Transparent fees X
Transparent holdings X
Lower brokerage costs N/A X
Customisable/flexible X
Access to professional managers X
Beneficial ownership X
Automatic corporate actions X
CGT optimisation X X
In specie transfers X

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