Agentia SuperSMA – Enjoy the flexibility and transparency of an SMA with all the functionality and capability of a retail super fund.

The Agentia SuperSMA offers you all of the advantages of the Agentia SMA such as control, transparency and cost effectiveness within a retail superannuation fund environment regulated by APRA.

Who is protecting your super investment?


TTCSL Limited is the Trustee of the Agentia SuperSMA and is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). It is an independent, specialist trustee company focusing on superannuation funds in Australia, including retail master trusts, corporate funds, platform ‘wraps’, pooled superannuation trusts, eligible rollover funds and insurance only funds.

TTCSL was previously owned by The Trust Company (established in 1885) and became a subsidiary of Diversa on 1 September 2014. It manages 15 APRA Superannuation Funds and in excess of $3.1 billion of assets under management.

Diversa Limited provides essential superannuation, risk and investment management products and services to wholesale clients. These clients include superannuation funds, financial advisers, accountants and fund managers.

SMA Features


The investor will see the underlying securities they own as an individual portfolio via their online account. They can also view the daily performance and valuations of their portfolio, dividends and franking credits as they are received, purchases and sales, and any associated brokerage costs.

Investment Choice

investchoicemediumThe Agentia platform gives you access to more than 65 investment options covering
• Australian listed securities
• International securities
• Listed property
• Hybrid securities
• Fixed interest/bonds
• Diversified portfolios
• Multi-Manager portfolios
• Cash

Blended and Multi-Manager Options

You can construct efficient and cost effective portfolios using a range of actively managed investment models and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or simply select from our range of
12 Multi-Manager Portfolios that are designed to meet the individual needs of investors.

Professional investment Management

The Agentia SuperSMA offers you all the benefits of direct investing in the share market with the additional advantage of having your portfolio professionally managed.

Liquidity & Tradability

All Agentia investment options invest in securities that are listed and trade on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

Our system operation works to minimize your brokerage costs. All securities/shares on our system are grouped to behave like a single portfolio. At the end of each day our system will review the latest model portfolio positions submitted by our model managers, then work out the most cost and tax effective means to adjust the portfolios to their new positions. Our system will net out all prospective trades across all portfolios, that is, all prospective purchases and sales are matched against each other before trading. Only net trades are executed. Any trades that are made on market are executed at wholesale rates of 0.055% per trade.

Online Reporting 24/7

You can view the underlying securities that make up your portfolio via our online reporting system which is available 24/7. See daily performance and portfolio valuations, including
• Dividend distributions and franking credits
• Realised and unrealised capital gains
• Corporate Actions
• All purchases and sales of securities
• All brokerage costs
• Asset Allocation
• Portfolio yield

Management of Corporate Actions

As the Responsible Entity for Agentia, Praemium will receive all communications relating to corporate actions affecting securities held in your account and will manage these for you. For more information refer to the Additional Information Guide under the “Forms & PDS” menu.

Superfund Features

Annual Member Statement

Each year, you will receive an individual member statement from the Trustee that outlines your investment as at 30 June. The transactions that will appear on your statement include (where applicable): balance as at previous year, contributions, rollovers, investments earnings (net of relevant fees, costs and taxes), withdrawals, fees, costs and tax paid directly from your cash holding in the SMA and the Member Balance at the end of the year. All member statements will be sent by post or to your nominated email address unless the Administrator receives written consent to provide a statement by some other mechanism.

Choice of Account

Each investor has a choice of account type and can choose from the following options
• Accumulation Account
• Transition to Retirement Account
• Account Based Pension Account

Please Note – There won’t be any additional fees or transaction costs if you elect to transfer your investment portfolio directly from an accumulation account to a pension account or back again. If you require a partial transfer you will incur some transaction costs (brokerage) in order to meet your required outcome.

Contribution Methods

The Agentia SuperSMA can accept different types of contributions or other amounts on your behalf, including
• Personal contributions before tax (salary sacrifice)
• Personal contributions after tax
• Co-contributions
• Spouse contributions
• Low income super contributions (subject to eligibility)
• Rollovers or transfers from other acceptable superannuation products

Contribution Flexibility

Contributions can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually using any of the following methods
• Cheque made payable to the Praemium SuperSMA. Note – Cross the cheque “Not Negotiable”
• Direct transfers from your employer’s payroll system (if your employer permits)
• Direct deposit into the Fund’s bank account.

Choice of Insurer

Accumulation account holders can apply for insurance cover through the Fund through 3 different insurance providers, TAL, AIA and Astron. We are working to add other insurance providers to this product so that you can choose from a variety of insurers to suit your needs. You can have your insurance premiums paid directly through your fund account if you apply for insurance through these providers.

Death Benefit Nominations

Lapsing or Non Lapsing (binding) nominations are available in the fund.

Anti-detriment is available

The Trustee will make an anti-detriment payment as part of the total lump sum death benefit. It may be paid to the member’s spouse, ex- spouse or child (including adult children). This payment represents a refund of contributions tax that may have been paid by a member over their lifetime.

Child Pensions available

A pension can be paid to a child of a deceased member if the child is:
• under 18 years of age; or
• aged 18 or more and less than 25 and was financially dependent on the deceased; or
• aged 18 or more and the child has a specified disability (defined by reference to the Disability Services Act 1986).

UK Pension Transfers

The Agentia SMA is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) and as a result it is able to receive transfers from UK pension funds. For UK citizens residing in Australia the Agentia SuperSMA in a QROPS structure may help you to
• Pay less inheritance tax
• Pay less tax on pension benefits
• Reduce your exposure to currency fluctuations

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